Minnesotans Say No to Trump


We did it, Minnesota. We refused to let Donald Trump win. It may not have a significant impact on his eventual nomination (although I believe it’s possible we’ll shock some other states to their voting senses) but he didn’t get our caucus votes here. He came in third, his worst finish in an otherwise truly frightening run.

I rarely vote in primaries, and yesterday was my first caucus vote, ever. I wasn’t the only Minnesotan to caucus, nor for the first time, it seems. We came out in droves last night (and when is this perhaps grass-roots but certainly inconvenient and voter-restrictive caucus deal going to give way to a primary vote, complete with pre-election, all-day and absentee voting?) Anyway, we came out in droves; a probably-representative suburban friend of mine described getting caught up in epic traffic jams and crowds. In downtown Minneapolis we walked to our respective polling places, where DFL numbers were in the hundreds, I’d say, and the Republicans hosted ~60 caucusers.

Minnesotans also said Yes to Bernie Sanders last night, and even though my candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to Sanders that’s a loss to another respectful and respectable human being. Anton Scalia apparently said, of his friendship with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “I attack ideas. I don’t attack people. Some very good people have some very bad ideas.” I don’t like some of Sanders’ ideas, so I didn’t vote for him. Lots of Minnesotans did. Good for all of you.

But good for all of us here in Minnesota that we decided we didn’t like Donald Trump’s ideas. I hear it over and over: “He tells it like it is. I like it that he’s outspoken.” Watching the last Republican debate, my husband and I both found ourselves occasionally chuckling (and not always derisively) at the way he expressed himself. More often we shook our heads, wondering how we’ve gotten here.

I think it’s really, really important to distinguish that amusement in and entertainment by Trump’s affect, even appreciation of his outsider, direct-talker appeal, is not the same as agreeing with his ideas.

Listen up, folks: IDEAS.

Trump’s IDEAS include racism, misogyny, sexism, Islamophobia.

Trump’s IDEAS are not respectable, no matter how entertainingly or directly some might feel he expresses them. Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal: we’re not like that here. We can see past affect to IDEAS.

We can and do, proudly, in Minnesota. What about your state?





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  1. Yippee! Glad everyone in Minnesota came to their senses. Love what you wrote: “And even though my candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to Sanders that’s a loss to another respectful and respectable human being.”
    Yes, yes and yes!
    Cheers and have a great weekend.
    P.S. Cruz won Alaska, by a narrow margin. He’s not much better but Alaska has always been a Republican-led state, sigh, sigh.

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