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Me and my feet, hanging out
Me and my feet, hanging out

When a post-surgical regimen of TWO WEEKS involves as little weight bearing as possible on both feet (and I have never for a minute regretted doing both feet at once), you find yourself on your butt a lot. A LOT. Not really a problem for us readerly-writerly types. I’m not bored–far from it. I will admit to a bit of restlessness, however.

One of the things I’ve read in the last week is a social media quote from Sherman Alexie, who says that every minute you write on your blog is a minute you’re not writing your book. This is undoubtedly true, and another source of restlessness for me. I probably dedicate 2-3 hours/week writing this blog. (Less time today because of that pesky Sherman Alexie.) Presently, the far greater consumer of my writing time is magazine articles (more like 15-20 hours/week). I think about giving up both–the blog and the magazine writing–all the time. They have definitely taken more of my creative time and energy than I originally imagined.

Mr. Alexie had his first book published when he was 30, so he’s been writing for at least 20 years. For me, it’s more like 10. I think that’s why I’m okay with having a lot of writing projects going on at once. I still have so much to learn. For example, magazine writing has been teaching me about structure of a story and engagement of the reader. The blog is one of my main connections to social media, which I think is important, if in a limited way.

Plus I get paid to write the magazine articles. I like getting paid to write.

Someday, and maybe some day soon, I’ll get paid to write fiction. Until then, I’m going to just try to write. Everything. And read when I’m not writing.

I’ll update you next week on the progress of my new fiction project (I’m dedicating the next 7 days to it). Oh, and I can’t wait to get/read Sierra DeMulder’s new book of poetry in the meantime, too: Today Means Amen, which I’ll review next Tuesday.

Until then, you can find me right here. On my butt. I’ll be reading, and writing.



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