There’s a monthly feature, Minnesota’s Waiting Children, in the Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which tells the story of a child–often an adolescent–awaiting adoption in Minnesota. I always read these stories. I’m not sure why. They always make me sad, and guilt-ridden, too. Who will step up for this child? If not me, then who? And yet I know it is not likely to be me.

Yesterday’s story is about Kevin. You can read it here. There’s a photo of a beautiful boy with glasses. His story starts like this:

Kevin, 13, is sweet, funny and energetic. He has a big imagination and tells whoppers of tales (He flew a rocket! He called the president! He hit a baseball across a whole town!).

In the middle we read this:

Kevin will need a family with a lot of patience and mental energy, because he often needs frequent reassurances, check-ins and reminders.

It’s the last two lines of the feature that will kill you. They left me in tears, and, obviously, thinking about Kevin long after I finished the article:

When asked what he’d like to share with adoptive families about himself, he said, “I got abused and didn’t get fed,” but he can “smile and laugh a lot” when he’s happy, and he’s “saving up for a pair of sunglasses.”

It doesn’t happen often, but I am at a total loss for words.

For more information on adopting Minnesota’s Waiting Children, contact MN ADOPT by phone 612-432-3696 or email, info@mnadopt.org.

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