Works in Progress

I have written a total of 26 short and very short stories and published eleven. I have had the great good luck to work with an excellent agent, Caryn Karmatz Rudy of DeFiore and Company literary agency, on two novels-in-progress.

Many thanks to Jean Thompson and her kind words about my short story “Seizure,” which she chose for publication in the spring 2014 issue of Ploughshares:

Your story has so much emotion in it without a trace of sentimentality – and such a grueling, blow by blow picture of what Isaac must go through every minute of every day. I was so pleased to find it in the submissions, and, bad pun, seized on it. Something else I appreciated about your story was how grounded and specific the setting was. And the tour of the auto plant was a wonderful plot aspect. It would have been less interesting if Isaac had just gotten bogged down in the snow. Glad also that you chose to end the story before they reached home, though I feel certain that they did.

(“Seizure” has since been listed in “Other Distinguished Stories of 2014,” Best American Short Stories 2015.)

Fiction writing, I have learned, takes patience. I am grateful for the ongoing support of my agent, for comments and encouragement like the words above from the talented Jean Thompson, for honors when they come, for general cheering-on from many other published writers and writers soon-to-be-published who have helped me along the way.